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My new game!

2008-07-29 07:26:35 by Cauyen

Ninja Pop is my new game,

I'm working on another game now - but can anyone give me a little technical help?

NG preloaders don't work with me! :O

Can anyone help?

Anyway to see my game Ninja Pop see it here

I havent got any previews on my working game - sorry.

Heres a random picture.

My new game!


2008-07-29 06:52:18 by Cauyen

I'm real bored...

Changed pics....

2008-07-26 06:38:31 by Cauyen

I changed pics again...

I won't be changing again, I can't be fucked...

I'll be making a banner when I get home! Monday 3rd August, see you then ;)

I'm in Plymouth!

2008-07-25 06:38:36 by Cauyen

Hi people I'm in Plymouth. I live in Gloucestershire though. I love the sea in Plymouth, it's amazing!
Oh I've got pictures now, I might to a banner when I get back home can't be bothered now.

Anyways hows peeps?

I'm aight if you ask me.

Found another madness combat YouTube.

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I've just joined!

2008-07-24 07:40:46 by Cauyen

Hi, I'v just joined NEWGROUNDS.

I love the MADNESS series, I've added them all to my favorites.

Can people post here saying Hello? :) I would appreciate that.

I just found this random YouTube video.

Watch it!

It's Madness Combat 1.

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